Cover of book Airborne
Cover of Fitzgerald's Funny Sci-Fi Shorts

I released two very different books this spring within a couple of weeks… what’s your pleasure? Fear or laughter? A plague on a plane or comical sci-fi?

Airborne is a fast-paced tale of a global pandemic… hey, I can’t help it if reality caught up with fiction! I originally wrote this story in connection with A.G. Riddle’s “Origin Mystery” series, which began with his million-book selling The Atlantis Gene. Let me tell you, it’s pretty frightening. But probably not as scary as real life is right now. Lose yourself for a little while in a tale that takes you away from whatever is going on outside your door… in case you ever go outside your door.

Fitzgerald’s Funny Sci-Fi Shorts has seven stories ranging from goofy to slightly romantic. Some of them come from Sam Peralta’s “Future Chronicles,” and some are brand new. Here’s what’s inside:

A game show for aliens.
A robot who falls for her master.
A government that tells you what to eat.

Both books are available on Amazon as ebooks and in print. Enjoy, and let me know what you think with a review.

Pick up the scary book here.

Grab the funny one here.

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