Following “The Sky Used to be Blue,” “Cleaning Up,” and “Deep Justice,” this 15,000 word novella set in the world of WOOL is the fourth in the bestselling Kindle sci-fi Karma series.

After a hellish three months locked in the private inner sanctum of IT, Karma and her family emerge, bloodied and forever changed. Rick is a man who is no longer in control. Mars has become the power in the Silo.

And Karma just might be charged with murder.

Death came with the uprising. Fighting with guns, knives, and bombs, many killed or were killed. Now those who survived must pick up the pieces and go forward. Twenty-five years into Silo life, the realities are still the same: the stairs, the water, the Outside… and the suffocating Inside.

Karma of the Silo: The Collection, which includes all of the episodes in the Karma series, is available now, to be followed by a print edition.