Interview with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author


Jasinda Wilder

Jasinda Wilder

I was thrilled to catch Jasinda last spring for a quick email interview session. Her sizzling hot romances top the charts on a regular basis, and her success has changed her life.

It turns out that Jasinda is not only an immensely talented writer, she is generous in helping support other indie authors. Here’s what she shared.

Patrice: What’s the best part about being an independent author?

Control. The ability to do exactly what we want, to tell stories that push the boundaries. Jack and I love to break the established rules on purpose, to be daring and rebellious and tell stories that are outside the box and unusual and fun. We could never do what we do in the traditional world.

Patrice: Is it still hard to start a new book? Or is it exciting…?

It’s always exciting. I love starting a new book. Every once in a while it’s hard to get started, to get into the characters’ heads. That’s why I sometimes get flak for the beginning of my stories feeling as if they drag, it’s me needing to take the time to learn my characters and really get a feel for the direction of the story.

Patrice: How do you and your husband work together?

It’s a trade secret, my dear. We talk through things constantly. Even when we’re out on a date together, we end up “talking shop”, going over story ideas and the current project. We have offices across the hall from each other, so we pop over and discuss things, send each other a billion emails and iMessages. I really don’t think the way Jack and I work together could ever be effectively duplicated or even explained in a way that would make sense to anyone else.

Patrice: The balance of raising five kids and being a full-time writer must be challenging. How do you handle that, and has financial success made it easier because you can afford help?

Financial success has been huge in this arena, as being able to hire a nanny has been invaluable. It is still challenging, because there’s simply never enough time, and we always feel like there’s at least 75 butt-trillion things that have to be done yesterday.

Patrice: Any Wilder dreams… a film version of one of your books (maybe that’s not so wild), jumping out of an airplane, being elected President?

We’d love to see one of our books on screen, but that’s a very tricky proposition, especially considering the outside-the-box nature of our stories, and how treacherous the maze of Hollywood’s book-to-big-screen process. Our friend Hugh had the film rights to Wool optioned by Ridley Scott himself, and by a very high-profile screenwriter, but even he says he’ll only believe the movie actually being made when he’s sitting down to watch it. That’s how we feel. Our dreams, really, is to just be able to spend the rest of our lives telling amazing stories that our readers love. We don’t want to go skydiving (Jack might, but i won’t let him) or be president or anything crazy. We just love writing, and watching our books climb the bestseller charts.

Patrice: What else would you like to say to readers?

THANK YOU! Readers are what give us a career. They make our lives possibly, give us feedback and support and love. So just thank you all, so much!

Jasinda Wilder

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author

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Thank you, Jasinda Wilder, for letting us peek into your world!

“The Rebellion of 1798”