Standing Stones

Praise for Patrice Fitzgerald and the Karma series

“Hey Patrice ~ I love this story idea! You have my complete blessing.”
Hugh Howey, author of WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST
“I think I’m in love with Karma. I was curious about her life when Hugh Howey mentioned her in SHIFT. I highly recommend, not just this book, but this whole series! Read them all. You won’t regret it… I can’t wait for the next/last book!”
Hanna Elizabeth, author of Visions of Wool
“Fitzgerald’s characters come alive and threaten to leap off the page, they are so engaging.”
Jerilyn Dufresne, author of Who Killed My Boss? and the Sam Darling Mysteries
“The Sky Used to be Blue manages the difficult feat of placing itself within the existing narrative, just like a missing piece of the great puzzle, and not just a parallel story or spinoff. It is well-written, gripping and filled with suspense. All the ingredients necessary are here: good writing, action and unexpected twists, characters you care about, and a deeper meaning. Now all I have to do is wait for [the next book]. Hurry up, Ms. Fitzgerald!”
Max Zaoui

Praise for Patrice Fitzgerald and the best-selling political thriller RUNNING

“Rating: Five and a half out of Five Stars – Top Pick.”
Underground Book Reviews
“With a fast-paced plot and an unerring feel for the cinematic, Fitzgerald creates a thriller that will resonate not just with political junkies like myself, but with the suspense-thriller reader as well.”
J. Carson Black, best-selling author of The Laura Cardinal Novels
“This riveting debut novel raises all sorts of questions and keeps you thinking even as you’re being entertained.”
Anne Kelleher, author of A Once and Future Love, Wickham’s Folly, and the acclaimed Shadowlands Trilogy
“Mark my words. Patrice Fitzgerald has a bestseller in the making! I read the whole novel in one sitting, it was that good. The characters were fun, the plot line fresh, and the pace of the story right on target.”
Traci Hohenstein, best-selling author of Burn Out

What Amazon reviewers are saying:

“… two women (what fun!) running for president, a close colleague turned traitor, a dramatic secret from the past that can end a campaign — it’s all there and it’s all great as it races to an exciting conclusion.”
“Five stars for this book!”
“A taut, thrilling suspense novel with elements of the American political past and present.”
“Terrific… I had to keep turning the pages!”
“…I got caught up in a fast-moving story, sharply drawn characters, great ambience. Fitzgerald’s male villain is as believable as her female protagonist. The story’s conclusion is satisfying without being too rosy. This is a good read, a true page-turner.”
“I picked up RUNNING on Saturday evening and put it down on Sunday night at 8:15 p.m. What a ride! From the strong female lead to the charmer turned villain, the political intrigue and the romantic longing for what might have been, I was riveted to my Kindle. Trying to concentrate on some gardening, I found my mind returning to the book and gave up on the roses to head back to the wonderfully rich world Fitzgerald has created. (My boys had to make their own dinner, but the dog and cat did get fed!) A woman running for the highest office in the land, a gut-wrenching decision from her past and a devastating betrayal, all culminating in a action-packed, intense drama, make RUNNING a must read.”