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The Ghost and Katie Coyle
a time travel romance

A cry for help, echoing across the centuries, inspires a young teacher to rewrite history and rediscover a passion she only dreamed about…

Life is good for Katie Coyle. She’s delighted with her new position as a professor of Irish literature and history, and enchanted by the old cottage overlooking a beach that she calls home. But she can’t shake the feeling that something— or someone— else lives there too, and that in the night, echoes of an anguished voice calling for help haunt the beach below.

When Katie first meets Derry O’Riordan, an Irishman claiming to study a set of standing stones in the middle of the woods, she takes his story at face value. Later, when her life is threatened and her job is jeopardized, Katie realizes that more is at stake than just the confirmation of a fascinating historical footnote. In the end, a man’s honor, the truth, and her own life hang in the balance.

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What reviewers are saying about Anne Kelleher’s TIME TRAVEL ROMANCES:
“Lordy this is wonderful; it’s one that grabs you, and at the end you say WOW!”
~ Bell, Book, Candle

“Kelleher has written a beautiful story of timeless love.”
~ Romance Industry Newsletter

“What a fascinating book! Packed with energy and intrigue…!”
Amy Wilson — Literary Times

“THE GHOST AND KATIE COYLE is a spirited otherworldly romance that sub-genre fans will find very entertaining. With this novel and the enjoyable A ONCE AND FUTURE LOVE, readers will feel that Ms. Kelleher is rapidly ascending to the pinnacle of the supernatural romance field.”
5 stars from Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer Harriet Klausner

What readers are saying about Anne Kelleher’s TIME TRAVEL ROMANCES:

“I enjoyed everything about this story. Great, quick read, enjoyable details, and interesting plot. Look forward to reading more from this author.”

“What a delicious surprise this story is! I lost myself in the well-developed characters. I felt like they were old friends. I could picture each moment, thanks to the author’s vivid descriptions.”