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Join us for a very cool Blog Hop featuring indie writers of all genres.  You can win serious prizes… including a brand new Kindle Fire 8.9 HD… and find some great new books by fabulous writers.  Here’s how it works:

First, post a comment here to get entered for my individual contest.  I’ll put all the names of those who comment in a hat and draw two out.  The best part is that you get to choose your prize!  Here are the possibilities:

1. A $15 Amazon gift certificate.

2. A signed print copy of RUNNING, my bestselling political thriller.

3. Electronic copies of all the bestselling Karma books based in Hugh Howey’s world of WOOL (there are four out so far, and I’ll gift you the fifth and final one when it’s released).

4. A kind but honest critique of the first fifteen pages of your work in progress.

Or… drumroll please

5. My personal custom help and advice in terms of getting your own indie ebook ready for publication.  I’ve got 18 ebooks out now, written by me and by others, so I’ve got a lot of experience!

You choose.  Two people will win.

But there are even bigger prizes to be won by clicking here for Summer Splash Blog Hop central.  (Detailed list of prizes at the end of this post.) And if you go to all the blogs listed, you have a pretty serious chance of winning something.

Jump in!  The water’s fine!

Don’t forget to leave a comment here to be entered in my contest.

While you’re here, consider picking up a copy of RUNNING, which was just named a “Best Book of the Month” by Amazon.


Action, suspense, romance, laughs, and just enough sex… a campaign you’ll never forget. The political thriller with heart.


Catherine Young, Vice President and newly-anointed Democratic nominee, is surging in the polls. The race is on against opposition candidate Jerusha Hutchins, former stewardess and blonde beauty, who is the darling of the far-right Liberty Party. But with political wunderkind Zane Zarillo running her campaign, Catherine is bound to hold her lead.

Suddenly a medical emergency puts the President in the hospital and forces Catherine to act in his place… a perfect opportunity for her to show her Oval Office stuff. Just when her election looks like a sure thing, Catherine’s romantic fling from decades ago comes to light. Will the American public accept a woman with a past?

“Rating: 5.5 out of 5 Stars – Top Pick.”
Underground Book Reviews

60,000+ copies downloaded so far.
71 Amazon reviews, 4.3 star rating.

And if that’s not enough, check out my four ebook shorts that make up the Karma series!  Just look at the post below this to find links.

Thanks, as usual, for reading, and if you want to hear FIRST about news on my books, please sign up to be notified here.  No spamming and no selling of your email!  And of course you can unsubscribe from the list at any time.




  Here are the details on the 2013 Summer Splash Blog Hop, brought to you by the writers of Indie Writers Unite.  Find all kinds of swag to be won as well as some amazing grand prizes (see below for grand prize information)

Each writer will be hosting his or her own giveaway on the individual blogs and offering unique prizes in addition to the grand prizes.  Click HERE to start hopping the author pages.


Want a teaser of some of the items up for grabs on the author pages? Click HERE


 As the for the grand prizes, there are 6.  What are they?


#1 Kindle Fire 8.9 HD




#2 $100 Amazon Gift Card

#3 $50 Amazon Gift Card

#4 15 paperbacks personally signed by our authors

#5 38 Ebooks gifted to you from our authors

#6 38 eBooks (yep, we’re doing this not once, but twice)!



It’s that simple. We’ll keep track of all the tweets and then draw for the grand-prize winners at the end of the hop. Winners will be announced on or before July 31st on this site. 

Tweets MUST include:

1. The hashtag #splashwithus (This is how we track them)
2. A link to the blog hop.

You may tweet as much as you like throughout the hop. 

More Tweets = More Chances to WIN!!!

***As a side note, our authors will be tweeting about the hop as well, but they are not eligible for any of the grand prizes.***

Here are some sample tweets you can cut/paste:

WIN a $300 Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards & more at the #bloghop #giveaway #win #freekindle #splashwithus #amreading

WIN FREE SWAG at the author #bloghop include a kindle fire! #freekindle #free #giveaway #win #splashwithus 

ENTER TO WIN A KINDLE FIRE at the author blog hop #kindlefree #free #lovebooks #win #giveaway #splashwithus #win

WIN BIG at the author blog hop. More than 50 prizes including a kindle fire HD! #kindlefire #amwriting #splashwithus


To enter to win the free signed paperback books and the free books for your kindle, you MUST visit every single author blog hop page and enter whatever contest/giveaway they are running.  Once you’ve visited them all, send an email HERE, with the subject line: FREE BOOKS. 


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62 Responses to Summer Splash Blog Hop happening now!

  1. Valerie Rhodes says:

    So happy your part of the hop!! What a treat.. hope you have a great weekend!!

    • patricefitz says:

      Thanks for coming by, Valerie! I’ve gotten to some of the other blogs myself, but not all yet. So much fun!


  2. Sarah M says:

    I love that Running has two female candidates for POTUS in it – can’t wait to see an election where that actually happens! Happy Friday :-)

    • patricefitz says:

      When I first started writing it, there was only one woman candidate, and then I thought… why not both? See if you recognize any similarities to current politics!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.


  3. Hopping through checking out all the other authors’ sites in the hop :-) Great prizes you have up for grabs! Have a terrific weekend!

    • patricefitz says:

      Thanks, Mother-Earth! I’m going to do the same thing and hop through all the other blogs.


  4. tribalcat says:

    Hopping along the Summer Splash. Have a great day!

  5. I love discovering new authors, and this blog hop is such a fun way to do it! Thanks for the great opportunity! :)

  6. Wendy Strand says:

    I have really enjoyed your Karma books. I look forward to reading Running

    • patricefitz says:

      Thanks so much, Wendy! I hope you enjoy RUNNING, which is quite different…

      I appreciate your coming by.


  7. Thank you so much for the chance to win! you are a new author to me I’m really excited to have discovered you on this hop :)

  8. Chris says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your Wool story when the Karma omnibus comes out! Installments are great but a whole story without waiting for the next chapter works well for me!

    • patricefitz says:

      Thanks for coming by, Chris! I understand… I know that some readers would prefer not to have to wait between segments. Now I just have to write the final episode, and then I will put them all together.


  9. Tara Woods says:

    “Running” sounds like a great story and is very different from what I normally read. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  10. Barbara Stull says:

    Thank you for being a part of the blog hop.I am looking forward to reading your books. I just love this hop–get to meet a lot of amazing new authors! :-)

    • patricefitz says:

      Hi Barbara:

      It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? Cheryl Bradshaw did all the work… I’m so happy (I almost said hoppy!) to be a part of it.


  11. Denise Z says:

    Thank you for participating in this fun hop. I have having loads of fun finding new (to me) authors and their works. I am looking forward to following :)

  12. Mel Comley says:

    Fellow hopper dropping by. :-)

  13. Thanks for posting the link! Where’s book 5?…

  14. joe hawkshaw says:

    Thanks for the chance i am having a lot of fun blog Hopping very cool.

  15. Great Hop. Thanks for sharing with all of us.. Got to keep hopping..

    • patricefitz says:

      Thank you, Tina! Hmm… maybe they should do this in the spring, for the Easter connection (of course the bunny thing is of pagan origin, I think). ;-)

      I appreciate your stopping by.


  16. Hi Patrice! Just wanted to visit a fellow Hop Host and wish you good luck!

    • patricefitz says:

      Thanks so much! I hoping to be hopping to all the host blogs… but I’d better hop to it before it’s over….

  17. I’ve always thought we should have a female president. There would be more diplomacy and fewer wars, and I think the budgeting would be done on a merit basis, rather than pork barrel and special interests. Mothers know best! Yea! Anyway, thanks for participating on this blog hop, a fun thing to do during the Summer. And if I should be so lucky as to win one of the draws, I’d like the gift card please.

    • patricefitz says:

      It will no doubt happen, Janice… we’re behind the curve (ha! pun) when it comes to having women in our highest office. They’ve done it all over the world, and I know we will soon. It will be interesting to see how the first woman president differs. But I think, in the end, there will be just as much pressure to stay strong (maybe more so) and not be “girly.” Remember Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady,” who was tougher than many guys.

      If Hillary Clinton gets in, she’s a pretty fierce hawk, I think.

      Thanks for coming by! I hope you enjoy the book!

  18. Terry Trahan says:

    Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop! I am loving finding new books and new authors to follow!

  19. Crystal C. says:

    Hmm, I usually don’t read political type books, but your book looks very enticing! :) You have a very wonderful giveaway as well, thank you for the chance to win.

    • patricefitz says:

      Thanks, Crystal. I hope you’ll check it out!

      Let me know what you think if you read it. There are a lot of surprises in RUNNING…


  20. BookLady says:

    What a great blog hop for finding new authors! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  21. Running sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading! I love it when a female is the lead character! I added it to my TBR list. Thank you for participating in the hop so that I could find you and than you for your generous giveaway.

    • patricefitz says:

      I hope you enjoy it, Kimberly! It’s got a lot of action and a lot of heart.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  22. Dominique says:

    I’d love to be entered! THanks for the giveaway!

  23. Katie Amanda says:

    Thanks for participating. Congrats on being best book of the month on Amazon. Happy summer!


    • patricefitz says:

      I appreciate it, Katie Amanda! And I hope you’re having a cool summer too… or as cool as you want it to be. ;-)


  24. Kim Pinch says:

    Having fun hopping along and meeting a lot of new authors!

  25. Sadie says:

    Great prizes! Thanks!

  26. Hi! Great sounding book! Looks good! Thank you for participating in this awesome hop! Im having a blast! Thank you the fantastic giveaways too! :)

  27. Lots of comments! Just checking into your Summer Splash Hop from a fellow hopper!

  28. Aloha! Thanks for hopping along with us! May your life and work be filled with love, imagination and inspiration!

  29. Liz says:

    Ooh, very interesting. I also just started following you on Twitter.

  30. Ellen Thompson says:

    Thanks for participating and for the awesome giveaway! Lots of fun!
    thompsonem3 at aol dot com

  31. Gina Meier says:

    Thanks for the chance during the summer hop.

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